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Embark on an Adventure

Do you enjoy reading speculative fiction and sci-fi? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Mindy is currently working on her debut novel, Adrienne’s Awakening. She wrote a book she’d like to read, hoping there are others in the world who will enjoy it too.

A Little About Adrienne’s Awakening

Adrienne Adams is a typical new adult navigating the world of work and community college. She’s living through all the messy decisions required of her age. Her life takes a left turn, though, when she discovers her family has been hiding telepathic abilities from her. She soon understands why as she is thrown into a world of peril and mystery.

Fall into a world parallel to our own reality as Adrienne unravels the secrets surrounding her.

"Truly, it's well done. I'm sucked in." — Kim W., a beta reader for Adrienne's Awakening

Meet Mindy Schoeneman, Author

Author, Mindy Schoeneman

Mindy was homeschooled until junior high. Although she writes with her left hand, she does everything else right-handed. Her pick for her all-time favorite book changes as often as her hair color did in her early twenties, which is to say it changes a lot. She competed in poetry contests as a child, and somewhere in the world are a few of her poems published in an anthology from the late 90s. She is positive God gave her three older brothers to toughen her up and an older sister to teach her the value of allies.

Her work-in-progress Adrienne's Awakening is book one of what she thinks will turn into a duology called The Mind Duology. Learn more about Mindy and what inspires her.