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Embark on an Adventure

I’m Adrienne Adams, and everything I thought I knew is out the window: I’m a mind reader.

My grandma told me this little truth about myself. A truth the people I love the most kept from me my entire life. A truth that has pushed me into the middle of something that started before I was even born. Someone’s been keeping a deadly secret, and we’re all in danger.

The most improbable things are now part of my reality. My college years will now include training to use my ability—an ability I didn’t think existed outside of books and movies.

I’m not sure who to trust or what my next move will be, but I do know that my life will be completely different than what I had envisioned it would be. Would you like to hear my story?

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"I can't imagine trying to explain these dreams to someone, especially someone with a prescription pad and a license to diagnose crazy people." — Adrienne Adams, an excerpt from Adrienne’s Awakening

Meet Mindy Schoeneman, Author

Author, Mindy Schoeneman

Mindy was homeschooled until junior high. Although she writes with her left hand, she does everything else right-handed. Her pick for her all-time favorite book changes as often as her hair color did in her early twenties, which is to say it changes a lot. She competed in poetry contests as a child, and somewhere in the world are a few of her poems published in an anthology from the late 90s. She is positive God gave her three older brothers to toughen her up and an older sister to teach her the value of allies.

Her work-in-progress Adrienne's Awakening is book one of what she thinks will turn into a trilogy called The Mind Trilogy. Learn more about Mindy and what inspires her.